D. Bahia Blanca


"Bahia Blanca" of Hamburg Südamerikanische Dampfschiffahrts-Gesellschaft, Hamburg.


Name / Call Sign

Denmark Strait



Bahia Blanca

11.1.1940 +

Hamburg-Südamerikanische Dampfschiffahrts-Gesellschaft, Hamburg

Sunk in Denmark Strait on 11th January 1940

Crew saved by icelandig trawler Hafsteinn

29. Aug. 1939: D. Bahia Blanca sailed from St. Vincent, Portugal and arrived in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil on 10. Sep. 1939. 

9. Dec. 1940: Sail from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil for Germany via Denmark Strait to avoid the British naval blockade.

10. Jan. 1940: Hit an iceberg in Denmark Strait and sank on the following day. Crew rescued by Icelandic trawler Hafsteinn. (D. Bahia Blanca was shadowed by HMS Glasgow in Denmark Strait.)

The 62 man crew was taken to Reykjavik on Iceland and stayed at a hotel while they waited to be repatriated back to Germany. All sailors were arrested by the British authorities on 10. May 1940 - when Iceland was occupied. Transferred to camps in Great Britain and later in Canada.

Mail from Icelandic girl-friends to interned sailors was send via HQ Field Security Corps on Laugavevegur 67 in Reykjavik and cancelled Field Post Office 306 - censored by army unit censor No. 2351.

Internment Camps:

Camp ?

Reykjavik, Iceland ?.?.40 - ?.?.40
  PoW Camp 12 Edinburgh - Donaldson's School (17.7.41) - (3.9.41)

FPO 306 (Reykjavik) 17.7.1941 to H.M. Matrose Waldemar Ulrich No. 000286 in PoW Camp 12.

FPO 306 (Reykjavik) 3.9.1941 to H.M. Matrose Waldemar Ulrich No. 000286 in PoW Camp 12.



Antonio Sohst
Waldemar Ulrich - Nr. 000286

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