Greenland Air Crash

28. November 1943

Beechcraft AT-17 Navigator


The plane from 1st Arctic Search and Rescue Squadron was en route from APO 859 (Sondre Stromfjord) to APO 858 (Narsarssuaq) with personnel being transfered on board, when it went down at the reported position of 65.38N 50.13W on the Greenland Ice Cap.

A search plane finally located the wreckage on 20 December. The accedent were fatal to all seven persons on board.

Pilot: Capt. Elmer E Slaten (O-496293)
Co-Pilot: 1st Lt. John A Davis (O-739379) 
Navigator: 2nd Lt. George A Clarke (O-744048)

1st Lt.Fayette F Krause (O-307670) Infantry
1st Lt. Simon B Chipley (O-475895) Finance Dept.
SSgt Billy S Kelly (35684409) Air Corps
Sgt Hiram A Long (15084151) Air Corps


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