Naval Post Office Facilities

US Navy 11076 BR used at Grondal Naval Facility

Navy Numbers

Navy numbers were disguised mailing addresses established by the US Navy in early 1942 for security purposes. Initially Navy numbers were assigned to individual naval facilities at each location. Later the Navy recalled or inactivated many of these numbers and all facilities at a location were directed to use the General Navy number assigned for that location.

Navy # Location Date Status Note
26 Ivigtut / Grondal 10.1943 - (1951) G Naval Operating Facility
226 Frederiksdal 1943 - (1951) G Naval LORAN Station
234 Ivigtut / Grondal (1943) D Naval Operating Facility
300 Holsteinsborg - G Naval Yard
511 Ivigtut / Grondal (1943) D Naval Operating Facility
801 Gamatron 4.1943 - (1945) G Radio Detection Finder Station
1503 Narsarssuaq 1943 - (1946) G Naval Operation Base
1900 Frederiksdal (1943) D Naval LORAN Station
Status: G = General Navy Number / D = Deactivated - if activated only for a short time.

U.S. NAVY Post Office Branch numbers

The U.S. Navy Post Office Branch numbers are identification numbers assigned to each U.S. Naval shore base or other unit. The numbers were assigned by the U.S. Civil Post Office in New York. The branch numbers were used for accounting purposes by the civil post office. The were called "Branch numbers" because each of the Naval post office facilities were a branch of the New York Post Office. The 11.000 block of numbers were reserved for post offices assigned to U.S. Coast Guard activities.

Navy # Location Date Note
11060 Br Narsarssuaq (1944) - (1947) Naval Operation Base - Navy 1503
11070 Br ? - May not have been assigned to Greenland
11076 Br Grondal (1948) - (1951) Naval Operating Facility - Navy 26

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