Bletchley Park

Box 111, Bletchley

Incoming 2 letter canc. FPO 676 (Inverness, Scotland) to P.O. Box 111, Bletchley, Bucks.
Passed by

Incoming 30 cent air mail Calgary, Canada (16.9.1943) to Victor E. Graham, Box 111 Bletchley.

Incoming letter (1942) from Switzerland to F/O Percival, P.O.Box 444 London SW 
forwarded to "
BP" = Bletchley Park. (ex. Berman)

Bletchley Park


In August 1939, codebreaking operations were physically moved to Bletchley Park (known familiarly as "BP"), an estate 40 miles from London, although its official designation was "Station X", as the tenth station. It was renamed Government Code and Cypher School (GC&CS, often irreverently referred to as the Golf, Cheese and Chess Society) under the direction of Naval Commander Alastair Denniston. A number of "huts" (small frame houses) were built to house the various divisions. Chess masters, mathematicians, professors and linguists were recruited from all over Great Britain, most from Cambridge University.

Hut 3


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