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SC 688

SC 688


1943 - 44

SC-497 class Sub chaser



She was laid down on 25 April 1942 by the Annapolis Yacht Yard, Inc., in Annapolis, Maryland. She was launched on 22 August 1942 and was commissioned as USS SC-688 on 28 November 1942 with her Coast Guard crew aboard.

Commanding officers (list incomplete): LTJG Wm. L. Houston, Jr..

SC-688's Official Coast Guard History

The USS SC-688, Coast Guard-manned, was accepted for the Navy from the Annapolis Yacht Yard, Annapolis, Md., on November 28, 1942. On December 4, 1942, she departed for Norfolk Navy Yard where she was outfitted for combat duty. She departed for New York on the 23rd and for Casco Bay, Maine, on the 26th. On December 31, 1942, she departed for manoeuvres off Cape Elizabeth with the SC-689 and 709 returning to moor at Casco Bay same day.

On January 2, 1943, she moored at Portland, Maine, and on the 7th broke ice in the channel to the Maine Shipbuilding Company's shipyard. From the 8th to 14th she was repaired due to collision with a ship mooring alongside and then, after various tests, departed for Argentia on the 25th in company with the BIBB and SC-689. On the 26th as the BIBB made a depth charge attack on a sound contact the sound apparatus of SC-688 gave no indication. On the 27th the radar was not working properly and on arrival at Argentia on the 29th repairs to radar and sound apparatus was undertaken. She relieved SC-706 on patrol of outer anchorage, Ship Harbour, Argentia from the 6th to the 8th of February, 1943, and then returned to port for further repairs to main generators. On the 22nd she departed for Burin Harbour, N. F., towing the CG-147, accompanied by the CGC FAUNCE. On March 11, 1943, she broke ice in Burin Harbour and then entered Marine railway for repairs to port propeller, departing for Argentia on the 22nd. On the 28th she assumed patrol duties but on the 29th her radar failed and on the 31st she vacated patrol and moored at Ship Harbour, N. F. Patrol duties were again assumed on April 1, 1943, for three day periods. On the 15th she departed Argentia to investigate the wreck of an Army schooner aground near Marystown, N. F., returning to assume patrol duties until April 28, 1943.

On April 28, 1943, the SC-688 departed Argentia for St. John's in company with five other escorts and on May 1, 1943, departed St. John's for Greenland with same escorts mooring at Grondal on the 6th. On the 10th departed Kungnat in search of a submarine reported by a PBY accompanied by TAHOMA, SC-689, and 705.

During the rest of 1943 the SC-688 was on patrol duty off the entrance to Arsuk Fjord breaking ice and engaged in local escort duty in Greenland.

The SC-688 remained on patrol duty at the entrance to Arsuk Fjord until May 1, 1944. On January 7, 1944, her crew rescued Major F. E. Bristol, U. S. Medical Corps, who had fallen in Arsuk Fjord and administered first aid. On May 1, 1944, she departed NOF Navy 26 Dock in company with four other escorts for Argentia, mooring there on the 6th, and departing on the 9th with four other escorts for Boston where she moored on the 12th. After overhaul until June 14, 1944, she proceeded to Portland for training exercises and on the 24th proceeded to Argentia with SC-689 and 705. On July 10, 1944, she proceeded to Grondal with four other escorts entering Arsuk Fjord on the 14th. She remained on patrol and local escort duty in Greenland until September 9, 1944, when she began escorting with SC-689 and 705 the SS BISCAYA (Nor.) for St. John's, N. F., arriving on the 13th and proceeding to Argentia on the 18th. On the 21st she proceeded to Boston arriving on the 24th and remaining through October 15, 1944, when she departed for Norfolk.

In Portland, Maine - shortly before service in Greenland.






SC 688






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