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BE 1

late 1942

63°11'N 41°20'W


Captain Robert P. Sykes, USAAC - Commander 8th Weather Squadron Detachment. Inspection of Skjoldungen (18th September 1944) - "Belle Isle" & "Polarbjørn":

18 September 1944. Approached entrance to Skjoldungen in the early morning and arrived at 1230Z. Nobody could be seen at the station for some time and then through the binoculars someone was seen in the vicinity of the Weather Station and someone else near the kitchen, but no one paid any attention to the vessel. We called and blew the horn, but still no response. We finally raised a new Norwegian flag, but began wondering whether or not they thought we were Germans (they had been warned of our coming). I recalled that in 1942 a freighter bound for BW-1 from BE-2 pulled in at Skjoldungen and not finding the station quickly, went to North Bay some 6 miles to the Northwest. When men from the ship finally came over to the site of the present Army camp, they were greeted by small arms ready for action. I wondered if when we went ashore we might have the same experience. Not only had there been evidence of submarines around BE-2 but there was also some evidence that a German station might have been in the vicinity in 1943 [none was]. However, at least since we had little time to spend at Skjoldungen we went ashore any way. Never did get a satisfactory explanation.
Inspected with Major Robe and departed at 2100Z. Station was found to be in pretty good shape; the IG commented very favorably. The men at the station had only arrived several weeks before our inspection and full preparations for the winter had not yet been made. They were in need of a new tractor and a specific request for this and a number of other items was sent to the Base.
It was well past sunset when we departed and although Captain Maro proceeded slowly through the East entrance to Skjoldungen, it was low tide, the Polarbjørn grazed two of the hidden rocks in the entrance. No damage was done.


Narsarssuak, Greenland, July 10th [1945] (A.P.)

Colonel Eugene Rice, Commander of the Greenland Base Command, said today a Coast Guard cutter would attempt this month to relieve and evacuate 11 American soldiers trapped in a bleak weather-radio outpost.

The men have been supplied by air since Jan 8, when a huge snow slide buried their stores, equipment and all but one of their buildings in Skjoldungen, tiny outpost on the east coast of Greenland.

A statement from the command said, "It is believed that the treacherous pack ice will have broken up sufficiently to permit the sturdy C.G. vessel to crash through about the middle or end of July".

Two other vessels are scheduled to leave Nars. this month to undertake three construction projects -- including relocation of barracks, warehouse and powerhouse.

Assigned Year Personnel Units
US Army 1942 - 1945 app 11 men 8th Weather Squadron Detachment
137th Army Airways Communication System Squadron

138th Army Airways Communication System Squadron
Denmark 1945 - 1948 app 7 men DWXCO


From Karl Otto Pedersen, Skjoldungen.
Canc. Grønlands Postkontor / København K (5.8.1958)






Skjoldungen Grønlands Postkontor København 5-8-58 Karl Otto Pedersen PR

Postal Service

Post Office





N/A 1942-45 US Army
APO N/A 1945-48 Danish
Skjoldungen 1947-48 Not used
Greenland N/A 1948-58 -


1948 QSL card from OX3UD - R.M.Frederiksen.


USCG Cutter Storis at Skjoldungen 25/9-1945





1948 R.M.Frederiksen Danish
1958 Karl Otto Pedersen Danish

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