Greenland Units

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Counter Intelligence Corps

Station Hospitals

US Army Transport Fairfax (Lt. Hubler)
Weather Stations

Narssak Point
Prins Christian Sund
Kap Cort Adelaer

ARMY AIR FORCE Army Airways Communication System
NAVY Naval Patrol Squadrons - Early Flights
(VP 52, 72, 73 & 74) 
COAST GUARD Patrol Bombing Squadron 6 (CG)


Air Crash List of allied airplane crashes on Greenland
Court Martial Story of Court Martial of Major Marion G. Denton
QSL-cards Radio Ham cards from Bases and Weather Stations

Greenland Photo's

Danish supply 1945
Northeast Greenland
Summer 1945 - "Godthaab" trip to Northeast Greenland
Article from Folk & Værn (in Danish) + photos
German Bases
Cape Sussi
Feb 1945 - Story from The White Falcon

Bluie West 1

1942 - 5 color photos

Bluie East 1
Cape Cort Adelaer
1943-44 - large selection of photos
Kungnait Mountain
Arsuk Bay
1943-44 - To A Great Mountain
Twin Peeks
Arsuk Bay
1943-44 - That's Greenland
German Unit
Wekusta 1 OBDL
1940-44 - Ernst Manske
Selection of photos from Wekusta 1 in Norway

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