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1942 - 44

SC-497 class Sub chaser



She was laid down on 24 October 1941 by the Mathis Yacht Building Co., Camden, New Jersey. She was launched on 17 February 1942 and commissioned USS SC-528 on 13 June 1942 with her Coast Guard aboard. She was apparently assigned to duty with the Greenland Patrol and was home ported in Boston, Massachusetts. She was at Kungnat on 18 May 1943 and was escorting a convoy on 24 May 1943. She spent June and July of 1943 at Boston undergoing availability. She arrived at Argentia, Newfoundland on 5 August 1943 and St. Johns on 6 August 1943. Then she escorted convoy SG-29 (reported on 17 August 1943). On 23 August 1943 she was involved in "Kungnat Bay Defence." She arrived at Sondrestrom on 3 September 1943 and arrived at Grondal from Sondrestrom "with Shirvan."

She remained in Greenland waters through most of early 1944 and was reported at Boston on 14 August 1944.

Commanding officers (list incomplete): LTJG Rudolph R. Empric (14 - 26 Aug 1944).

SC-528's Official Coast Guard History

On July 28, 1942 the Navy crew on the SC-528 which had been transferred from the Eastern Sea Frontier to Greenland Patrol, was relieved by a Coast Guard crew and on the 30th she departed Boston for Casco Bay where she arrived next day, departing same day with SC-527 and TAHOMA for Sydney, N. S., escorting four trawlers. On August 5, 1942, she departed Sydney for Greenland escorting 3 vessels with 4 other escorts arriving on the 10th. On the 11th she proceeded to Bluie West Seven and assumed guard ship duties off entrance to Kungnat Bay. On August 27th she proceeded to Holsteinsborg to inspect Portuguese fishing vessels en route to Hellefisk Bay, returning to BW #8 on the 31st. During September 1942 she was engaged in local escort duty between Greenland stations. She reassumed guard ship duties at the junction of Brede and Skov Fjords on October 9, 1942, but was forced to return to BW #1 because of heavy waters and ice. On the 21st she wants to the assistance of the disabled freighter MARGARET LYKES and escorted her to Marrak Point where she assumed guard ship duties, de parting for BW #1 on the 22nd. During November and December, 1942, the SC-528 was on guard ship at the entrance to Arsuk Fjord, being relieved periodically, when she usually escorted incoming vessels to BW #7.

The SC-528 us on patrol and guard ship duty at the entrance to Arsuk Fjord, performing local escort duty in Greenland waters from January 1, 1943, until May 20, 1943, when she departed BW #7 in company with SC-527 and three other escorts of a two vessel convoy for Argentia, arriving on the 28th, departing same day for Boston, where she arrived June 1, 1943, for an availability until July 14, 1943. Standing out of Boston on that day the FALCON collided with the SC-527 on the 15th. The USS PINTO in convoy lost her tow and the SC-528 screened her until it was recovered, mooring at Argentia with SC-707 to rendezvous with two other escorts to accompany three vessels to Argentia where she remained until the 31st. After further local escort duty at Argentia the SC-528 stood out on the 5th with three other escorts arriving at St. John's on the 6th and from there escorting convoy SG-29 with 6 other escorts to Kungnat Bay, mooring at BW #7 on the 21st. The SC-528 continued on patrol and local escort duty in Greenland waters until the end of 1943.

The SC-528 remained on patrol duty in Greenland waters until July 25, 1944. During that period she broke ice in the fjords and relieved the SC-527 and SC-688 on sound and radar watches on anti-submarine patrol at the entrance of Arsuk Fjord. January 11, 1944 her propeller was damaged by ice varying in thickness to 2 feet in South Entrance, Force Bay and Kungnat Bay. During February 1944 she was engaged in transportation duty between Navy 26 and BW #7. On July 25, 1944, she sailed for Argentia in company with COMANCHE, SC-527, and SC-704 and proceeded on to Boston with the latter two and USS KAWEAH where on August 6, 1944, she detached from Task Group 24.8 and was assigned to Commander, Service Force, U. S. Atlantic Fleet.

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