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SC 689

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SC 689

SC 689


1943 - 44

SC-497 class Sub chaser



She was laid down on 27 April 1942 by the Annapolis Yacht Yard, Inc., in Annapolis, Maryland. She was launched on 15 August 1942 and was commissioned as USS SC-689 on 2 November 1942 with her Coast Guard crew aboard.

Commanding officers (list incomplete): LTJG Robert L. O'Connor (9 June 1944); LTJG Edward F. Cotter (24 Aug 1944).

SC-689's Official Coast Guard History

The USS SC-689 was commissioned November 2, 1942, and a Coast Guard crew placed on board. On December 31, 1942, she was on training exercises at Casco Bay, Maine.

Departing Casco Day, Maine, on January 25, 1943, for Argentia, N. F., she remained on patrol duty there until April 28, 1943, when she departed with five other escorts for St. John's and on May 1, 1943, for Greenland, arriving at Grondal on the 6th, departing on the 10th, with other escorts to search for a submarine. She remained on patrol duty in Arsuk Fjord, relieving SC- 688 and SC-705 and other vessels until December 31, 1943.

The SC-689 remained on patrol duty in Greenland May 1, when she departed, with 4 other escorts for Boston via Argentia, arriving on May 12, 1944. On June 16, 1944 she departed for Portland for training exercises. On June 24, 1944 with four other escorts, she departed Portland for Greenland, via Argentia, mooring at Grondal on July 14, 1944. Here she remained on patrol duty until September 8, 1944, when she departed for St. John's in company with the MOHAWK and SC-705, the MOHAWK towing the STRATHELLA. On September 18, 1944, she departed St. John's with SC's 705 and 688 for Boston, via Argentia, arriving on the 24th.

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